Chicago – June 16, 2016

Cago is pleased to announce that their location sharing and personal safety app CagoMama now provides language support for Spanish and Portuguese, in addition to English.





Alerta Urgente

The Spanish and Portuguese version of CagoMama is called Alerta Urgente – translating to Urgent Alert!

Alerta Urgente provides all the same great features of CagoMama as before:

  • Simple location sharing to help you update friends and family to your where-abouts fast and easily. You begin by adding a “trusted” contact. Choose one or more contacts and press Send.
  • Android version has capability for your location to be queried by a contact in your trusted list – by calling you
  • CagoMama sends your current location in a Text message (SMS). You have the option to append a short message (40 characters) to your location. The app has to be installed on an Android-based smartphone or iPhone, but the phone on the other end can be any make and model, even a non-smartphone. As long as it supports Text messaging, it will receive your location.
  • At the click of a button, CagoMama can communicate yoursafety to your Alert contacts. To activate the Alert, press and hold Alert button for 5 seconds.
  • Worldwide support- CagoMama is now available for use worldwide.  All local phone number formats are supported.


Just like before, CagoMama does not store your personal information, including location. The app does not require registration before using. You can rest assured that your private information is not being sold to third-parties.

CagoMama is brought to you by Cago – a mobile, web, and software systems development company based in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.

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