Chicago – January 5, 2016

With the proliferation of smartphones across all age groups, one common use of smartphones is for personal safety. This use case can apply whether you are facing an attacker or you are in the middle of a natural disaster – earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes.

CagoMama released with Security Alert feature.

Do you need to shout for help when in trouble? CagoMama now supports Alert feature. At the click of a button, CagoMama will communicate yoursafety to your Alert contacts.

To activate the Alert, press and hold Alert button for 5 seconds. The phone will vibrate to indicate that Alert is activated. In order to de-activate Alert, press and hold Alert button again for 5 seconds.

When the Alert is activated, CagoMama starts sending SMSs containing Alert message and the user’s location at configured interval to Alert contacts. The SMSs are sent till Alert is turned off, or the maximum configured number of Alert messages have been sent.

Important: In order to send Alerts in an emergency, the Alert feature has to be first turned on in settings.

Alert feature can also be turned off in settings.

Android vs. iPhone.

There are small differences in how the Alert features works on Android vs. iPhone. On Android, the SMSs containing Alert message and the user’s location are delivered automatically, for upto a maximum of 3 Alert contacts. The iPhone supports only 1 Alert contact. The Alert message is composed and the iPhone vibrates to prompt the user to click Send.

On Android, user has the option to activate Alert by pressing Power Button 5 times. This option can be enabled and disabled in Settings.

On iPhone, use is advised to stay on the Alert screen while the Alert is active. If for some reason, user exits the app, or the phone gets locked, a local notification will inform the user that Alert is active, and to go back to the Alert.

Reliable and Trustworthy.

The Alert feature on CagoMama is effortless to use, fast, secure, and efficient. It makes optimal use of your battery with on-demand location sharing. No processes run in the background on your phone, and your location is not tracked continually.

Data usage is minimal. Even if Internet connectivity is slow, or not present at all, CagoMama will find your location, and send it to trusted contacts. You can rest assured that Alerts will work reliably under all network conditions.

Worldwide support.

CagoMama is now available for use worldwide. All local phone number formats are supported. Use it while traveling to share location back home with family, or with a local buddy.

CagoMama is brought to you by Cago – a mobile, web, and software systems development company based in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.

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