We Are Cago

/ˈkägō/ noun 1. a software consultancy based in the city of Chicago that excels at solving business problems

Our mission is to solve your business problems

Whether you are a small start-up starting to implement business processes, or a mid-size company wanting to streamline business practices, or a large enterprise ready to capture new markets, we can help you.

Team Cago has many decades of experience

in designing and implementing large business systems which will meet your specific business needs.

Product Development

Custom Applications

Maintenance & Support

Product Testing

Product Launch


Our Core Values

Follow the right path

We believe in honesty, integrity, fairness and always doing what is right. We maintain our reputation by following the highest ethical standards in conducting business. We protect and safeguard confidential customer information and follow local and global data protection and privacy rules.

Deliver superior performance

We keep our promises, meet our commitments, and achieve results with the highest level of quality. We are extremely passionate about our work and give it our 100%. We hold ourselves accountable for meeting product schedules as well as ensuring product quality and performance.

Treat with dignity and respect

We treat all our stakeholders – customers, employees, co-workers, contractors, and suppliers with dignity and respect. We celebrate diversity and appreciate our individual preferences and differences. We value our stakeholders’ opinions: we listen to them and try to understand them. We are always looking for improvements in how we work. And when we disagree, we do so with courtesy and politeness.

Share with total transparency

We believe that transparency builds trust between Cago and our stakeholders – customers, employees, co-workers, contractors, and suppliers. In order to build successful partnerships with our stakeholders, we share both the good and bad, providing timely status on projects and work items. We share our successes but more importantly, when things are not going so well, we will truthfully bring it to your attention fast. We believe that open communication is a key cornerstone for fostering total transparency.

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