Chicago – July 16, 2016

Cago launched their chat app CagoChat today. Chatting between mobile phones has been around for a while … except when you’re on a plane or a ship or camping in the woods, where there is no cellular service or free WiFi and Internet connectivity. CagoChat takes advantage of WiFi Direct so you can talk the time away.


CagoChat is a fun iPhone chat app that does not require an Internet or Cellular connection to chat with another iPhone user nearby. Both chat partners need to have CagoChat installed and running, in order to discover each other. CagoChat works up to 100 feet without any cellular service or WiFi although the exact distance will depend on many conditions – indoor vs. outdoor, physical obstructions, weather – to name a few. Discover each other’s iPhones with the CagoChat app open, and send messages that disappear with a simple click of the home button. With service-free and data-free reliability, CagoChat makes short-distance messaging convenient and safe.


As with other apps before, Cago cares deeply about your privacy.

You can keep your privacy intact by selecting a ‘Discovery Avatar’ from a set of pre-defined pics. This is how you will appear when a nearby iPhone user discovers you. You can also set a display name which will be visible to nearby iPhone users. Choose a more personal picture for your ‘Chat Display Pic’. This is how you will appear when you are chatting with a user on an iPhone nearby.

The chat session is not saved on either your iPhone or the remote user’s iPhone. As soon as you hit disconnect, or click on the iPhone’s home button, the chat disappears forever.

CagoChat is brought to you by Cago – a mobile, web, and software systems development company based in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.

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