Chicago – July 14, 2015

While traveling on business to Virginia, I was excited about the opportunity to explore and work in a new location, even if only for a short time. What made the trip even nicer was that a good friend and colleague was on the same assignment I was and got to travel with me. On the day we were scheduled to leave, I intended to rely on my GPS device to get me back to the airport, as I had used this stress saving device throughout the trip. However, the airport was in Washington D.C., and I was in Virginia. The GPS device could not recognize my location and was trying to take me in the opposite direction from the airport. My “accurate” device was not so accurate anymore. I was stressed at the idea of not being able to find my way or missing my flight, all while still not being entirely familiar with the area. Fortunately my colleague got to the airport before me. I called her and explained what was going on. I described where I thought I was, although I was not entirely sure. I am lucky that she remembered the route (mostly) and gave me directions.

Most travelers are not as lucky as I was to have someone there who can guide them when lost. Many travel alone and the closest person they know is states away. Had my colleague not been there, I do not know what I would have done.

A location sharing app like CagoMama would have saved me. Even if the closest person you know and trust is hundreds of miles away, you can still instantly and accurately share your location with them and have a map of where you are.

Here is another incident, from a close friend, in her own words:

“I was in Western Europe a couple of weeks ago for a pilgrimage with my Mom. We were with a tour group where the day-to-day schedule was kind of intense. The tour guide was really strict in sticking to the schedule. One day, me and my mom were running late. We came down to the hotel lobby and to our surprise, our tour group had already left! Good thing that I had asked our tour guide the day before to install CagoMama and enter my number as a “trusted” contact. So I gave her a call. She did not answer, but no worries, because the app sent me the tour guide’s location immediately and me and my mom were able to catch up with them.”

— Timmy, who carried CagoMama on her smartphone, during a recent trip to Portugal, Spain, and France, with her mom

Getting lost while traveling happens all the time. Remember to install CagoMama and use it often during your trip so that traveling and navigating in a new territory can be stress free!

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