Chicago – July 3, 2015

Tomorrow your child is going to an away game for their team. Or maybe they are going to their best friend’s sleepover. Many parents may have some level of anxiety in being able to trust their child is always safe and sound. The need to know exactly where they are and who is with them is of upmost importance; this is where the need for children to “check in” became necessary.

As a pre-teen and teen, I remember my mother always asking me to call when I arrived and when I was leaving anyplace outside of going to school. One of my friends had to call to check in every hour she was out. Some of my other friends only had to let their parents know when they arrived at their starting location. Other friends never had to check in at all.

This poses the question, how often should children “check in” with their parents when they are out? What is the acceptable number of times children should tell their parents where they are? Rather than having a perfectly clear answer, it is determined by the communication expectations between a parent and child. While it is important to ensure the safety of your child, it is also important to allow them their freedom and enjoy themselves while they are out. There is a delicate balance between a child having to incessantly check in, and not having the expectation to have them check in at all. Conversations of what works for parents and children can be established before the child goes out to ensure boundaries that work best for both. Should your child tell you where they are when they arrive at a new location? Should they check in at the time they arrive and leave? Are you comfortable with them only telling you when they arrive at their first location? What do you feel comfortable with?

Checking in with my mom when I arrived and left a location worked for both of us, while my friend checking in with her mom only at the time of arrival worked for them. Each parent and child scenario will be different.

However often you and your child agree is ok to check in, CagoMama makes this process simple with instant and accurate location sharing…just between you and them.

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