Chicago – June 28, 2015

By using the convenience of smart technology and state of the art mobile applications, are we putting our privacy at stake? When we enter our information to register for an app or a social media site, we are merely providing our information to the company, right? Well, maybe. Or maybe not. Ever wonder why that pair of shoes you looked at online the other day now has an ad on your search engine or social media site? It’s no coincidence. The information that you provide is actually used to sell to other companies who will use it for data analysis and advertising. Where you vacation, where you shop, whom you choose as friends – is your business and no one else’s. According to a recent news report a social media site is under a lot of heat as it is being taken to court by Belgian privacy commission for breach of privacy and user tracking.


Most of us are not aware of this violation of our privacy and how some sites use our data to fund their business models. A lot of times when we subscribe to an internet service or an app that is ‘free’ – our private information including email and locations frequented or web browsing patterns, is sold to advertisers to generate revenue.

Location sharing information is sold by many services too without your knowledge. Why would you want someone else to know the location of your child? Even if that information is used merely for the purpose of advertisements, you want to keep your private information and away from those who might sell it.

We know that you value your privacy and so do we. CagoMama does not want your data. The location information that you share with your loved ones is hidden from us, so we never get to see it or share it. No data is ever stored on our servers. Your location and the location of your trusted group is your business –we don’t make it our business.

Remember CagoMama is Location sharing … just between you and them.

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