Chicago – May 9, 2018

An email marketing campaign that is meaningful, purposeful, and sent on a regular basis, as well as integrated with a larger marketing plan can go a long way in achieving key objectives for a small business – whether it is revenue growth, customer retention, or something else.

Email Marketing Services

Towards that end, Cago is pleased to announce Email Marketing services geared towards small businesses. Whether you want to send emails to one hundred recipients once a month or to ten thousand recipients once a week – we can do it for you !

We can create email messages for your customers that are focused, engaging, and can capture their interest in the face of dwindling attention spans in today’s world.

Our email marketing campaigns have carefully crafted subject lines and are designed to avoid spam filters. For some of our small business customers we have been achieve open rates of 33% and click through rates (CTR) of 9% which are industry leading metrics by any standard !

Continued Focus on Customer Delight

Metrics apart, the only true measure of success for us is customer delight. We are committed to you – our customer. We will work with you to understand you business goals and challenges and figure out your target audience. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to our services and we will gladly tailor our plans to fit your needs. Our email campaigns are designed to be responsive that provide the same great user experience on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.

For every campaign that we do for you, we will provide reports which capture the success of the campaign for you.

Looking Forward

Ask us how we can review and audit your current email marketing campaign or setup a new one for you. Give us a call and once we understand your business needs, we can put together a no obligation quote for you.

Cago continues to take on new clients as we move along our growth journey. We work with businesses of all sizes and are specially focused on small businesses and startups.

Beautiful and effective email marketing campaigns at affordable prices brought to you by Cago – a mobile, web, and software systems development company based in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.

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