Chicago – May 14, 2015

With a growing population and heightened security concerns, it’s more important than ever before to know the location of your loved ones. While there are many location sharing apps available today, what we need is a trusted, secure, efficient, and non-intrusive mechanism to share location on an as-needed basis.

CagoMama location sharing app available today in India.

Cago brings to you CagoMama – now with support for India! CagoMama is an extremely simple to use location sharing app which helps you to share your current location with a “trusted” contact that you configure inside the app – often friends and family.

Outside of US and Canada where the app originated, India is the first destination as part of a global endeavor by Cago to bring a secure and efficient location sharing service to every country in the world.

Support for India available on both Android and iPhone.

CagoMama is available for download on Google Play (for Android) and App Store (for iPhone). Both versions now support US, Canada, and India.

The Android version has a unique capability for your location to be queried by a contact in your trusted list – by giving a “missed call”. This capability is not currently available in the iPhone version.

In both Android and iPhone, you can choose one or more contacts and yourself send your location to them.

CagoMama sends your current location in a Text message (SMS). You have the option to append a short message (40 characters) to your location. The app has to be installed on an Android phone or iPhone, but the phone on the other end can be any make and model, even a non-smartphone. As long as it supports Text messaging, it will receive your location, in a Text message.

CagoMama has been under test for the past few months in various cities throughout India – both indoors and outdoors.

Great for families.

CagoMama provides an effective and secure mechanism for parents to keep in touch with their child’s location. If your child has an Android phone and they are not picking up the phone, you can find out where they are at by simply placing a “missed call”. Similarly, an elderly parent can send you their location with the click of a button if they have lost their way.

Cago values your privacy.

Just like before, CagoMama does not store your personal information, including location. The app does not require registration before using. You can rest assured that your private information is not being sold to third-parties.

The focus is on a simple interface, location accuracy, and conserving battery power. The phone’s location is not tracked on a continual basis. It’s only obtained as you need it, when you need it, on-demand.

To provide the best user experience, CagoMama is free of advertisements and banners.

CagoMama is brought to you by Cago – a mobile, web, and software systems development company based in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.

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