Chicago – February 27, 2015

Cago launched their location sharing app CagoMama on Google Play today. CagoMama is a location querying and location sharing app which helps you update friends and family to your where-abouts fast and easily. You begin by adding a “trusted” contact. Next time your contact calls, your current location will be sent to them. You can also choose one or more contacts and press Send. It’s quite simple to use!

Available today on the Android platform. 
Your location is quickly and geographically placed using your Android phone’s location tracking system. Trusted friends and family receive an instant notification of your geographical location. There is no problems or hassles finding a location when someone is lost, ventured in to unknown territories or needs help.

CagoMama sends your current location in a Text message (SMS). You have the option to append a short message (40 characters) to your location. The app has to be installed on an Android-based smartphone, but the phone on the other end can be any make and model, even a non-smartphone. As long as it supports Text messaging, it will receive your location.

CagoMama is intuitive, fast, secure, and efficient.
The app does not store your personal information, including location, on any kind of server or cloud infrastructure. There is no registration required before beginning to use the app. It aims at finding your location in the most accurate, and fastest possible way. It has been tested both indoors and outdoors, and under varying availability of GPS, Network, and Internet. Since CagoMama finds and shares your location on-demand only, it conserves your Android phone’s battery power. CagoMama has been in Alpha testing with a closed group in Google Play for the past 4 months. This release has been tested in various cities throughout the US and has remarkable accuracy.

Suitable for children and elderly.
CagoMama works well for parents to stay connected with their child’s location. When your child is not responding to your phone, you can easily find out where they are by placing a “missed call”. Similarly for elderly parents – they can send you their location with the click of a button if they have lost their way. Locate them in seconds so they can be brought home to safety.

The app was created by Cago, Inc. – a mobile, web, and software systems development company based in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.

Cago intends to release an iPhone version of the app soon.

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